Tähesaju Shopping and Leisure Park

The shop and business premises at Tähesaju are characterised by great layouts, good parking facilities, simple logistics, and low administrative expenses for the traders. The concentration of strong brands creates synergy that is good for the company as well as the clients who visit the centre. Bauhaus, Home4You, Hortes, Baby City/Toy City, Magaziin, Motonet, Prisma, Selver, Toyota (Elke Auto), Uuskasutuskeskus, A1000 Market and other well-known shops are already here, a new commercial building at Tähesaju 3 will be ready soon.

Tondiraba Ice Rink was the first building in the large Tondiraba Sports Centre. The rink is used for figure skating, ice hockey, volleyball, handball and other sports, and there is a special practice rink for curling practise and competitions. Concerts are organised on the main area, which has good acoustics. The next building of the sports centre – a swimming centre with a 50 m pool – will be completed soon. In the longer term, a 9-hole golf course and a building for accommodation will also be added. There is a light traffic path next to the ice rink.

Great shopping place for your clients

Tähesaju is a 7-minute drive from the centre of Tallinn. Convenient parking and interesting shops make the centre a great place for family shopping. The 112,000 potential clients from Lasnamäe don’t have to go far from home to visit Tähesaju. The centre also serves the close surroundings: Pirita and Merivälja regions, Viimsi Municipality, Maardu, Kallavere and Muuga. Tähesaju’s size and outstanding tenants make it attractive to almost 500,000 people in Tallinn and Harju County.

We will start the new development stage

The second development stage will be completed from 2018-2019: business premises at Tähesaju 3 and Hortes Garden Centre. But we’re already preparing for the third stage, which includes the construction of new commercial buildings from 2019-2021. We’re looking for new tenants among food service providers and companies operating in the area of sports and leisure activities, and anyone else who wants to develop their business in affordable premises with a good location and among friendly neighbours.

We develop commercial property according to the customer’s wishes if its size is at least 2,000 m2.

Contact us if you want to find new premises for your business!

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